Generation Drone and Third-order Collateral Damage in Yemen

Avoid collateral damage, use knives, daggers, clubs and the like.

We Kill Because We Can

For years now, human rights groups and NGOs have been issuing disturbing reports about the harmful psychological effects on civilians living under drones. Recent findings from a study conducted in late 2014 reveal that the US government’s lethal drone policies are creating a new generation of persons who spend a large portion—in some cases all—of their life in a perpetual state of fear. These people are plagued by a sense of uncertainty about their own future and who the next victims of drone strikes will be. Alkarama’s results are laid out complete with survey batteries and graphs in “Traumatising Skies: U.S. Drone Operations and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),” a 51-page report issued in May 2015.


This study corroborates previous reports on psychological harm to civilians, but its uniqueness inheres in its consideration of the effects on persons who have not lost a close family member … yet

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