FU(I)C KING THE YEMEN! France US (Israel) China may have tested neutron bombs, later decided too anti-human as they destroy mainly body tissue.

“Stop de neutronenbom!” Een kreet uit de jaren zeventig en tachtig.


President Gerald Ford (not his real name) funded the US neutron radiation bomb. The George Bush Snr Administration took it off the table. Some seem to have dropped in the Yemen, shock-and-awe mushroom cloud and all (the nuclear fireballs emanating neutrons forcefully).


If so, who supplied the Gulf-led invaders? F or U or I or C or some James Bond-type villain moving excrementally between them dressed up like an Arab?

Backdoor genocide occurs when warlike authorities claim to attack military personnel but do disproportionate damage to civilian souls instead, purposeful collateral damage as it were.

This bomb was argued most tortuously as ‘humanitarian’ by its deeply crazed inventor who reckoned it to be more contained than the H-bomb (so not even a war-stopper). Even the nuclear powers became repelled by the potential of a weapon of mass destruction that could take out a population but leave its factories…

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