American Drones Ignite New Arms Race From Gaza To Iran To China

Peer 2 Peace

The drone wars are here.

While President Obama ponders new legal and moral guidelines to govern America’s growing use of armed robot aircraft, the world outside the White House is engaged in a revolutionary frenzy of building, arming and flying killer drones.

Small, inexpensive and lethal, drones enable everyone from terrorists to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to engage in what the Pentagon acknowledges is a new arms race with “alarming” consequences. More than 50 countries operate surveillance drones and, increasingly, are fitting them with weapons.

The U.S. covertly uses armed drones to assassinate alleged terrorists or insurgents in Pakistan, Sudan and Somalia. In Pakistan alone, some 2,341 people identified as Taliban and al Qaeda leaders have been killed, according to one authoritative account. Armed drones are increasingly active in Afghanistan as well, where they’ve completed 1,160 strike missions since 2009, according to the latest Air Force data. American spy…

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