Christian Morality

I have asked a number of times for someone to explain what Christian Morality is. But no one has stepped forward to give a clear statement. All I want to know is what is the Christian Moral code, you know the thing that atheists don’t believe in that allows us to rape and murder and rob to our heart’s content.

The most common thing I have heard is the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This statement predates the Bible by a goodly amount and comes in many forms, one of which is my favorite: “do not do unto others that which you find hateful.”

The problem I have regarding this as a “Christian moral statement” is it is that it is not a god or Christ statement. In fact God doesn’t appear in it at all. In the Golden Rule, we are the standard of judgment in it is what “we would have them do to us” or “we wouldn’t want others to do to us.” God doesn’t show up.

A real Christian, god-based moral code would sound something like this: “if you deliberately cause others to come to harm, I will smite you with lightning.” I imagine at first it would take more than a few lightning bolts to drive the point home and, every time a new group was proselytized there would have to be some additional convincing, but otherwise the amount of maintenance would be minimal. Every generation some sick fucks would get fried to a crisp and voila, no more threats … and no war, no coercion, so scam artists, either.

Now that’s a omnipotent deity laying down some ground rules. Instead of namby-pamby “trust me they will roast in Hell after the die, you’ll just have to suffer their presence for now” there would be free will with boundaries under a real god-based morality.

Every dog trainer knows that if you don’t apply a correction immediately after your dog exhibits an unacceptable behavior, you will just confuse your dog and eventually make them neurotic. Same is true for people. Telling mass murderers “wait until your father gets home,” just doesn’t cut it. The punishment is not in evidence and cannot therefore serve as a deterrent.

On the other hand a child asking their parent about what that greasy black spot on the road is will elicit the story of Clyde “who just had to push the limits and so God made an example of him.” “Him,” the child would ask, “I don’t see anybody?” The parent would then point to the greasy black spot and say “That’s all that is left of Clyde.”

Now that kid is going to get religion real fast.

Comment: The basic weakness of almost gnostic religions…


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