As I said, whom can you trust?


Admin: We have to understand the Islamic mindset. The conversion is (90% of the time) a tool to try and gain asylum and residency. It’s not genuine. We may quote the Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam who openly encouraged all Muslim men to rape Israeli women wherever they found them. A few months later she was manhandled by police in Egypt and immediately pretended to be a persecuted Christian desperate to leave, and of course, got help to emigrate by truly stupid American church groups. The moral of the story is that the West should not engage in these things.

Comment: If we follow the advice of Walid Shoebat and start to use some real violence, this will become even more likely. Learn Arabic and such, and tell them that although conversion may not save their earthly lives and possessions, God will honor sincere conversions and they will escape eternal damnation. Hell is eternal…


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