The Greatest Enemy to the Future of White Nationalism


Miss Bella Thorne

I’m very unhappy about writing this post.  I just don’t see any way around it.  Most of you know that the United States is center of ZOG.  If the US falls, ZOG falls.  The greatest enemy to WN is white, ex-military, Amuricans (WEA).  They are Americans first, whites second.  They have very antiquated ideas about America but they are very dogmatic.  Many are survivalists.

I take alot of flak for my attempts to rate and score WNs, and that’s alright.  I don’t ask for pity and it’s my little project. Internal inconsistencies always manifest themselves.  I have probed and searched many of these WEAs.  These people do not really love the white race.  At best, they are often weak racial realists – they recognize interracial violence and third world immigration but go no further.  They lack the love of the white race to really take it up a level.

They’ve infiltrated…

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