The Vicious Cycle of PIV Make-Believe


by Rescinda LaVerge

Don’t women ever get sick of pretending PIV is anything but boring (at best)?  When will they grow some self-respect and stop taking on 100% of the risks while simultaneously obtaining no stimulation?  Really, it’s no wonder that menz believe women are masochists; most certainly act the part.  And acting it is.

make believe orgasm Oh yeah Porntard, aren’t I a great actress?

Just a cursory look at the anatomy and physiology of “female equipment” should serve to inform even the most lame-brained Nigelwad that PIV is a one-sided affair.  That is, he obtains all of the benefits at the expense of she (who not only fakes pleasure, but must suffer the consequences of being spurted into, such as pregnancy and STDs).

Hell, Nigelwad doesn’t even need to find another neuron to rub his one-and-lonely against in order to comprehend simple physiology in textbook form — he only needs that single brain cell to grasp…

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