Sexual Ethics (Part 5)


Two Clashing Perspectives. One of the reasons, if not the fundamental reason why a Christian sexual ethic clashes with that of our culture is because we each start at completely different points. Essentially, a non-Christian sexual ethic is “me-centered.” It’s out to enjoy, please and pleasure itself. If sex is indeed treated like a commodity, then it’s something that we get from people, a service.

In contradiction to this view is the “other-centered” Christian understanding of sex and sexuality. The logic behind the Christian position on chastity until marriage is this, You shouldn’t become one with somebody physically until you’re also ready to become one with them socially, financial, and spiritually. After all, isn’t that what marriage is? God never intended sexuality to be expressed in a relationship that says, “I’ll have your body, but my bank account is mine. You can have my body, but you can’t have…

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