Abortion and the “Mainstream” Right.

Jason Bayz

Lion has a good point about Abortion:

I personally am mystified by why white people put being anti-abortion over other more important issues. It’s not like anyone is being forced to have an abortion. I can see why SWPLs/bobos are strongly pro-choice, because an unplanned pregnancy could derail a young woman’s self-actualizing career and cause her to become a single mother with a crappy job and no chance of finding a good husband. Even SWPLs/bobos who are not children-bearing-age women feel strongly about this, because they don’t want this to happen to their sister or daughter. Fear of losing social class is a strong motivator to vote Democratic!

Liberals won’t typically phrase their argument that way, but it’s the essence of the reason they support abortion. And the “mainstream Right” can’t really argue with it. Some evangelical Christians would be saying “well you shouldn’t be having pre-marital sex.” But…

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