National Review’s Dishonest Attack on Margaret Sanger

Jason Bayz

Ian Tuttle is a National Review writer and cuckservative. Today he published an article about abortion. The article reads like a $PLC hit piece. The article begins with the usual how dare they argument against Sanger for supporting eugenics. He does not bother to give an argument for why eugenics is Bad, nor does he address how many people supported eugenics back in the 1930s, including such neocon heroes as Winston Churchill. In a typical $PLC-like tactic Tuttle then “links” her to Lothrop Stoddard and then proceeds to point and sputter toward his views.

Sanger was “racist,” and was an advocate of eugenics. Tuttle, however accuses her of having been “complimentary toward Nazi eugenics,” and says that “Nazi leaders were complimentary toward Sanger.” He does not(surpise!) provide any evidence for this, and I couldn’t find no evidence. I find the phraising to be especially suspicious. “Nazi leaders?” Which “leaders?” Who qualifies…

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