On Feminism

“A prime example would be white “red pillers” who condemn white western feminism and then utilize Asian feminism to get laid. So in this case, anti-feminism is just as corrupt and two-faced as feminism.”

Good observation.

“Contrarily, white feminism assigns blame to white patriarchy while ignoring non-white patriarchy.”

Maybe white feminists like non-white patriarchy BECAUSE it keeps non-white women (=COMPETITORS) away from white men.

The Half Asian "Fetish Baby" Reality; What it's like looking like an Asian male when you have a racist, friendless, Nazi sympathizing, conspiracy theorist, anti-feminist White dad and Asian mom; from the Half-Asian son of a Holocaust-denying, misogynistic, black hating, racist White man and a mentally ill, cruel, white-worshipping, racist, violent Chinese Tiger mother

On a slightly different topic, the question arises if I am a misogynist or an antifeminist.

Do I believe in misogyny? No – but I believe in the harsh condemnation of people who act in their own interests at the expense of others. Since all human beings do that – right down to my own father, who acted in his own interest in order to acquire a woman who was acting in her own interest – I consider myself a misanthrope. I believe that all human beings act, understandably, in their own vested interest and devise ideologies or align themselves with ideologies in order to achieve what they want.

Do I believe in anti-feminism? I actually don’t know what feminism is. To understand it I would require reading that would take a very long time and devotion of energy to fully comprehend the scholastic background of it. However, I assume, like…

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