Hell…it is not what the KJV tells you it is

“Many Pagans did believe in such horrors then and now and the Jews rightly viewed them as savages because of it.”

Interesting. Can you win the the Wager of Pascal?

Noach ben Avraham

Hell…it is not what the KJV tells you it is

by David John Husband

38027_412898114862_593569862_4250784_2697552_n Is teaching children about hell akin to child abuse?

I was reading Psalm 78 this morning and this verse stood out and started a train of thought that ended up in this note:

“Nevertheless, He, the Merciful One, is forgiving of iniquity and does not destroy: frequently He withdraws His anger, not rousing His entire wrath.”

As I read  this verse came to mind ‘but Thou wilt not leave his (it’s ‘my’ too many years of listening to Handel’s Messiah) soul in hell, neither wilt Thou suffer Thine Holy One to see corruption.”

As I read that, I was prompted to begin searching out what the KJV had to say and what the TaNaK had to say.   So, out came the Strong’s Concordance and the KJV (I don’t use it anymore)  and out came the TaNak…

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