Will Trump win the black vote?

Lion of the Blogosphere

Trump, no doubt, has more appeal to blacks than any other Republican candidate. Blacks like a strong leader who doesn’t take *** from anyone. Watch this YouTube video of two black woman angry at Megyn Kelly.

Ironic that Donald Trump is disinvited by blue-pill white conservative Erik Erickson for being mean to poor little blonde Megyn, while two black women vigorously defend him.

* * *

The primary policy reason for why those two black women like Trump is because of his stance against illegal immigration and for a secure border. But she also says in the video that Donald Trump is sexy, and that she may change her voter registration to Republican so she can vote for him.

That annoying little elf Rand Paul has always imagined that he could somehow win black votes by sucking up to them, but he could only dream about the passionate support…

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