I believe that “Libertarianism”and MGTOW will ultimately be incompatible….

Stoner is right on guaranteed minimum income.


Okay, at my work, I’ve been put in the “libertarian” box by co-workers. Truth be told my views are probably closer to an anarchist. But after a few quick questions such as my views on drug legalization, I am placed in the libertarian camp. If you listen to man-0-sphere tough guys, what they are pedaling is really a synthesis of traditionalism with some sprinklings of libertarianism mixed with a big heap of Nietzschean “might makes right.” Again, I might be more intellectually aligned with a true conservative, true libertarian than for what passes as one today but that is not the scope of this because what I believe will ultimately benefit MGTOW and society as a whole will look like “evillle socialism” to many…

Now most of you are aware of the schizm between Youtube MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s from AVfM. Without getting into details, it’s quite easy to see this…

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