Pakistan Developing Cyber Monitoring Infrastructure

Chainsoff's Blog

By Anna Biselli

Privacy International has published documents which reveals how the company – Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) denies the sale of surveillance centers, but has simultaneously built in Pakistan cyber monitoring infrastructure – along with two old friends from the surveillance world, Trovicor and Utimaco .
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The aim of the cooperation that which was valid until 2011, was the establishment of a “Lawful Interception Management” system the company Utimaco for the largest Pakistani mobile operator MobiLink – said applying the adjective “lawful” is another matter. The system should forward monitoring data to a central monitoring center in Islamabad.

The cooperation with Trovicor Team was entrusted with the technical management of the project, is no coincidence. Trovicor is de facto, a renamed earlier part of NSN, which was until 2009 part of NSN itself, until it was sold to the investor Perusa Partners Fund…

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