5 African Muslims Indicted for Imprisoning and Gang-Raping a Jewish Woman

sharia unveiled

Girl Crying 138 (resized)

Eritreans on trial for imprisoning and raping woman, in further evidence of threat of illegal immigrants leftist groups ignore.

by, Ari Yashar | Arutz Sheva

Indictments were submitted on Friday morning against five illegal immigrants from Eritrea in Africa, who are accused of imprisoning and gang raping a young Jewish woman in Rishon Letzion a month-and-a-half ago.

A media gag order on the case was lifted on Tuesday, revealing that the 34-year-old woman filed a complaint to police after a group of men who she met at a club while intoxicated raped her in a planned attack.

She revealed that the men took advantage of her being under the influence of alcohol to take her to their apartment against her will after she left the club with a friend. When he was distracted they whisked her away and imprisoned her in a room and raped her in turns. Police were able to gather enough

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