How to Encrypt Data in the Cloud to Stop Mischievous Hackers

What's the Big Data Idea

With all the doom and gloom of hackers in the news, here’s an IT perspective about how encryption can be used to help secure cloud services.

Datafloq – How to Encrypt Data in the Cloud to Stop Mischievous Hackers.

In the modern IT procedures, almost all significant information processes or data pathways include some form of cloud storage or cloud computing. This means that even businesses and organization which do not own or operate cloud storage assets still have their data transported through some form of cloud service, no matter what they do. In many aspects, this is a great thing for the broader IT industry, mainly because cloud technology allows for a multitude of great advances, including continuous access to important information, mobile device synchronization and practically flawless data recovery potential.

On the other hand, the same cloud presence also compromised the global data security status. Now, though often weak…

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