“Why is she so freaking weird?” – Socialising and Female Asperger’s

“Making friends is easy…

…Keeping them is hard.”

I’ve a hard time keeping friends as well.

“I seek approval from everyone. Or, at least, I sought approval. I got my light-bulb moment of “meh, screw this” about a year ago. 18 years too late to be honest, but there we go.”

Again, I seek approval from everyone.

Frogs' Legs and Vodka Dregs

If I had a penny for every time I was described as ‘weird’, ‘strange’ or ‘eccentric’, I’d probably be the richest woman alive. Well maybe not the richest, but up there. With that money I’d buy an animal sanctuary and spend all my time with animals that don’t have homes, as I get on way better with animals than I do with people.

You may think that’s a weird thing to think, and oh look I just got another penny.

It’s not that I dislike people. I have human friends, and I don’t freeze up at the thought of talking to another human being, but when it comes to social cues, reading facial expressions and dealing with difficult circumstances, I have trouble.

Making friends is easy…

…Keeping them is hard.

I am really good at befriending people. I can do the initial stages of the friendship really well, I can…

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