The American

On the other hand, you cannot force women to like uncircumcised men, or shame them into liking them.

American living in Sweden


I have been listening to podcaster, his name is Stefan Molyneux.  He has been my current voice of reason whenever Sofie isn’t busy keeping me grounded (she works a lot and i have a lot on my mind.)  He often reminds me of the troubled childhood I had and I feel liberated to start journaling or blogging.  (Special thanks to Sofie for starting this.)  I have thoughts constantly, train of thought is more than just an expression, its literally a train that never ends, and my train is especially long in the wee hours of the night when I am awake doing homework for my masters online.  Back to the voice of reason, lately its come to my attention on the cultural differences between Sweden and America.  For one, Sofie and I talked about having kids and whether we would have our boys circumcised.  At the time, I didn’t…

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