Starting to see. Maybe.

“a heightened state”

I get that. I get that very well.


Wow. I haven’t posted in a while. There’s been stuff. Piles of stuff. Like a marriage break up and reunion, health stuff and more…

So. Anyway. Here I am. The past little while has been rough beyond compare, but I guess when we are that far down there’s nowhere else to go.

I’ve lost lots of work time, lost the thread of what I was working on, and in a way lost my understanding of why I was doing my job. Everything is in turmoil. I have days where I think I can start to focus on the sorts of things society dictates (job, etc) and days when it’s just so much light and noise.

But yet. In some way I think I am getting clarity. For one, I have come to maybe understand that my sense of being larger than life, of being on fire and in touch with…

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