I Changed My Mind — I’m No Longer Anti-Circumcision

What is the philosophical equivalence between circumcision and affirmative action?

Who exactly do cultures who practice genital cutting in fact oppress?

Mama's Milk, No Chaser

DSC09357 copy

If you’ve been following my blog and Facebook posts, you know I’m usually quite vocal (visual?) about the dangers and harms of circumcision. But after an interesting conversation with a fellow vendor at the Association of Texas Midwives Conference last week, I want to retract (no pun) any time I’ve used the words “anti-circumcision” to describe myself or my stance. Truth be told, I’ve changed my mind.

The first day of the event, the neighboring vendor struggled to understand what our booth was all about. At first glance he somehow thought we were offering information on piercings for babies. Then he noticed these eye-catching, high-sheen cards…

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