Eating Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, my friends

Bipolar Strength: Rebel WITH A Cause

Good Am.

I have internet radio station Indie 103.1 playing Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing” from the 90’s. Their music is so timeless. Its’ called “Art Rock” or “NoiseCore.” One of my favorites of all time. Also on Indie 103.1 is my former employer (twice) Jonathan L’s “The Lopsided World of L,” a show of unsigned bands from all over the world.  Former Soul Coughing lead singer Mike Doughty has a show and a former record company scout named Bruce Rave has a great show called “Go Deep with Bruce Rave.”  I often find stuff I want to buy.  Music is important to me and plays a healing role in my mood disorder. Already my mood rises.

I’m about to finish writing my eating disorder post for international bipolar disorder. Is it a labor of love or hate? I am not allowed to write on my blog and then send to them…they want Original content only. I…

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