Aspergers and psychic ability? Aspergers and weird shit?


I have the very same kind of experiences, like opening a book on precisely the right page…


Now, can I just say how much using the term “psychic ability” makes me itch? Good. Reason I used it is I figure that’s probably what interested or puzzled people would probably put in as search terms, but I’m not at all sure I even have an idea as to what the term might mean… I’ve got a whole bunch of things that line up under the WTF category, so I’m gonna dump them under this umbrella term coz… well, WTF else can I call it other than WEIRD SHIT? So here’s the weird shit…

First time weird shit started occurring – or at least, the first time I became aware of it – was high school, when I realised I could pick up what people were about to say. Not in a general, predictable personality-type kind of way, but in a verbatim, count it down in 3… 2… 1……

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