5/27/15 – She Joined Another Church Group

Surviving Divorce From A Borderline

Today wasn’t the greatest day, but I did work out and am updating the blog and it’s menu system. Also going through all the old stuff and adding headlines, and removing posts that don’t add any value.

I pick up the kids and hang out after dinner. Right before they leave my son tells me that they went to a strangers house yesterday. Hunter made them put a dinner together and eat it in the guys garage. It’s a new church group. I’m guessing it’s either single parents or a mixed group since my daughter told me there were 5 guys and 4 girls there. Why can’t she just do a women’s group? Why does she have to constantly do mixed groups?

When I asked for a group it was a men’s group. My son thinks she is doing it to find a boyfriend. I’m guessing that is true. It’s…

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