Whites Who Oppose Racism: Here’s How To Stop Doing It Wrong


In the tradition of my first very similarly-titled blog post on how to be a better anti-misogyny ally, I am simply going to copy/paste the privilege-conscious disclaimer portion of that entry here. Some other sections of this blog post are also copy/pasted portions of that same blog post, because a lot of what I had to say there applies here as well.

I’ve been working really hard for years now, to understand privilege and oppression, and how it plays into my own day-to-day life. The time has come, it would seem for me to try to share some of this knowledge. For the purposes of understanding where I am coming from, I am conscious that I am privileged in the following ways as an individual:

I was born in North America, and continue to live here. I live in first-world conditions with access to literacy, education, clean drinking water…

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