Nasty Britain: Tommy Robinson arrested over Muslim violence and then put in jail – with Muslims

Rule prison, rule society.

The Muslim Issue

The nastiness and stupidity of the British authorities is unreal.

We’ve asked our UK readers to stop reporting suspected terrorism activities to the authorities. Our readers have helped avert at least four attacks in the past. Let the British police take the flack for their stupidity when the next attack happens. They don’t deserve any collaboration from the public. When they arrest their own, like Tommy Robinson who is a constant target of Muslim assault, harassment, racism and threats – you got a pretty sick policing system in place. The authorities are not interested in protecting the public. They are only interested to target the victims of Muslim aggression and Islamization. No wonder over 1 million young British kids were groomed, drugged and sold to pervy Muslim rapists without any legal protection or recourse to get away from their slave masters. Shameful country!

Britain is headed into the toilette.

Tommy Robinson on Twitter- -Put me on a wing full of Muslims & arrest me for protecting myself.I'm in no doubt they meant to put my life at risk

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