Is Male Circumcision A Violation Of Human Rights?

The Authentic Male

July 25, 2015 by .


While flipping through the WestJet TV lineup on a recent cross-country flight, I reluctantly settled for a popular daytime talk-show (my other options included Days of Our Lives and re-runs of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo), which saw a panel of 4 diversely opinionated women duking it out to see who could make their co-host seem like the bigger idiot. Sigh.

Interestingly, however, the subject they were debating that day happened to be male circumcision, a surprising topic for daytime TV.

Two of the female hosts in particular were taking the stage with polarizing views on the matter. One host saw the medical procedure as a hygienic practice that lowered the risk of disease while the other saw it as an archaic and highly irrelevant surgery.

In the end, the audience was left undecided. I, however, was left with an ignited curiosity about…

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12 thoughts on “Is Male Circumcision A Violation Of Human Rights?

  1. Of course it’s a violation. Would you strap an adult down and cut off a fully functioning part of his body without his consent? Not to mention the nerve endings and frenulum that is cut off. Not to mention that the glans (head of penis) is supposed to be smooth, shiny, moist, and sensitive. Not dry and wrinkled, which is damage done.

      1. If we cut men to prevent HPV which is junk science, then we need to cut woman too. That way with both cut and according to the junk science you can achieve a 100% reduction of HPV. Males are not born broken. Our bodies are just as perfect and work just like they are supposed to just like females.

  2. Unless I am wrong it looks like you agree with circumcision, so you are ok with the damage that was done to you without your consent. That’s said that you will never know a fully functioning penis.

      1. So if you are Intact then you are lucky. Don’t let what other people think of the male body dictate what you do to your body. It’s not theirs it’s yours. And trust me man you are lucky if you are Intact. Google unspeakable Mutilations and you will see. There are thousands of men who wish they were left Intact. Also, ever heard of Langerhans cells? They are dendritic cells (antigen-presenting immune cells). Visit my page and check out circumcision stories. Mine is there I am also in the book. I was circed at 15 against my will. I am open to questions as well. Trust me. You want to stay Intact.

      2. Any woman who will not have sex with you because you are Intact is not worth it. Just ask one of them if they would be will to go get their clit trimmed to have sex with you, and see what happens. What is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander.

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