I am going back to using CASH – If UK goes for Non-Encrypted Communication

And other forms of physical payment.

Matters of Privacy and Security

The growth of the internet is under threat. Recently UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron recently proposed legislation that calls for stripping down all forms of encryption on internet and on mobile networks1. And I am not supporting further use of credit cards if this legislation sees daylight. It is a concern which is not coming from lack of support from technology but from short-sited, poorly thought-out policy making.

A few months ago the Conservative Party promised to propose the legislation within the first year of the party’s coming into power.3 This is close on the heels of Cameron crying out the need for British special service agency, GCHQ, requiring the ultimate power to decrypt any communication without a warrant seven months ago.

What it means to the common man – In a bid to have easy access to all communication channels, non-encryption will allow easy access to information such as…

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