…here’s how *I* got laid….

A friend of mine invited me to comparable parties.


First things first, I expect that the one and a half readers that actually respect me will lose respect after reading this…

Second, someone will tell me to go to a clinic and get a test…

Third, I still state that a man’s value isn’t related to how many vagina’s he’s inserted his penis in…

Fourth, yep, it is kind of yucky and I’m not advocating it but stating that because I was curious I tried it out and learned a little (just like psycadelic drugs)-so I will share and you can use or not use this info how ever you wish.

Fifth, just as has been mentioned on Mr. Black Pill’s blog that going to prostitutes won’t help you get relationships and sex from womyn who don’t work as prostitutes, what I’m telling you here won’t help with the girl at the grocery store…

Sixth, since this will (at…

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