Gardasil: We Thought It Was The Right Choice


From Health Impact News, by Gayle Dickson, Jul 2015

Essentially, our lives rocked along with the usual family squabbles, snotty noses, heat rashes and teenage pimples … nothing really major to concern ourselves over. Until the youngest, our daughter, started at College! Then all hell broke loose! In her final primary year (Year 8), we’d received notices regarding Gardasil. I was about to toss them in the bin, when the words “cervical cancer” caught my attention. My skin prickled and my eyes widened – we have a great deal of female cancer history on both my side and hubby’s maternal side … breast, ovarian, cervical … so I read on! I then did some very basic research, going onto Merck’s site, discussing it with friends etc.

Some friends cautioned outright against it; others were 50/50 and still others were, like: Why wouldn’t you if it can prevent cancer? Given that…

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