Asian Cultures are Autistic

Playing the Devil's Advocate

Have you ever wondered if there is any cultural characteristic which spans diverse Asian cultures? Let me talk about one that is obvious, but almost never mentioned- Autism.

Yes, that is correct. I believe that Asian cultures from Japan and China to India are autistic. Some of you might wonder if I am implying that these cultures have a higher than usual number of individuals with autism. No.. I am not implying that- though that might also be the case.

I have come to believe that entire cultures can be functionally autistic.

The question which set me on the path leading to this hypothesis began with my innate dislike of Bollywood movies. Even as a child, I simply could not understand why Bollywood movies were popular even though they were so incredibly formulaic and repetitive. While many Hollywood movies are also formulaic, there are a significant number of outliers and…

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