The Gangsters of Sodom

David Jetre

As feedback arrives on some of my recent posts on the divisive issue of abortion, the old predictable excuses accompany them.

Have you noticed how many people are incapable of accepting the statistics that emerge directly from whatever behavior they demand?

Ten out of ten times, it will be my liberal friends and associates who will claim statistics from, well, anyone (the FBI, NASA, any federal agency, any watchdog group) that do not support their wild presuppositions are flawed, incomplete, rigged, or altered.

Any report that shows the true horror and consequences of their insane social demands are summarily rejected: they aren’t even discussed.

They want their own private science, their own personal Scriptures, and if they could build it, like Nimrod tried, their own heaven.

This is the intellectual laziness that always–always–accompanies the sensualist, the hedonist, the atheist, the ‘do what feels good’ crowd.

Like their angelic…

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