The Dark Side: The Devil and Hell

Conor Hilton

I’ve been reading and thinking an unduly amount about The Dark Side, aka Lucifer and Hell. So, naturally I decided to write out some of my thoughts, partially in the hopes of clarifying them and also to just get them off my chest. I mean, I’ve mused about some stuff before (like the eternality of evil, my own trajectory to Hell, and on the opposite side what Heaven must be like), so this isn’t completely uncharted territory.

My thoughts are pretty speculative in nature, which I think is the only way they really can be since there’s not a lot of canonized scripture about the devil and Hell, beyond warnings about those that will go there and stuff about fire, brimstone, wailing, and ye olde gnashing of teeth. Although to be totally honest I haven’t done a comprehensive scriptural study or looked through GenConf talks or other…

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