Fake Muslim asylum arrivals on Greek Island Lesbos, already clash with each other protecting their women from assault

Remember the bombing in Suruc. Internecine, fratricidal violence is going to rise. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

The Muslim Issue

They haven’t even put their foot ashore (mind you, on the gay Island Lesbos of all things) and they are already fighting over protecting their women from rape by the other Muslims! Whoever insist to bring them into the West needs to be executed for complicity to the assaults, rapes and murders that follow these people like a dark cloud.

They have already been trained and groomed to wave the fake “We are human” signs, and use the same staged “we are humans too” argument which each and everyone of them repeat as they have been told to say. Its manipulation. Just pepper them with bullets as they try to arrive. That should teach them to learn a different strategy.


Clashes break out between Syrian and Afghan refugees on Lesbos as former middle class families forced to flee ISIS find themselves having to ‘protect their women’ in a…

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