Shulamit Aloni: Israel’s answer to accusations of Jewish double standards

Every group of people consists of three sub-groups. The consistent Right, the consistent Left, and the opportunistic Nationalists that have a double standard. It is the third group that acts as a spigot playing the Right off against the Left, maximalizing its own National interests.

For instance, there are many Poles that are immigrants in W. Europe, but who oppose immigration to Poland. The equivalent group within Jewry would be the folks of “Modern on the outside, Chabad on the inside”.

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We often read accusations, by pro-whites, that Jews oppose autonomy for whites while supporting the Jewish ethno-state of Israel.  As a matter of fact, Israel has its own share of evil leftists who work toward the the destruction of its Jewish character.  One such demon is Shulamit Aloni, sometimes derogatorily called “Shulamit Baloney”.

I remember well that when I lived in Israel, she was the minister of education and she was held in much contempt.  She, and her political party (Ratz) opposed anything that stood for Jewish heritage.  She was on a mission to make Israel a generic, multicultural state with no specific ethnic character.  It is not only Orthodox Jews who despise her; even those of Reform background see the danger in her ways.  David Bedein writes:

Secular Israeli society fears that if Reform and Conservative were allowed free reign in Israel, then they would do the…

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