Gleanings from G.H. Clark: Existentialism is a moral failure

Christian Metaphysician

It should come aimagess no surprise that one of my favorite philosophers is Gordon H. Clark. Even twenty plus years posthumously his critique of secular philosophy remains as a source of insight and rejoinder to the prevailing philosophical underpinnings of our present day culture.

In a very short section from his book Introduction to Christian Philosophy he catalogs a few of the errors in the ethical program of Existentialism.  Right off the bat, Clark reveals that Existentialism can find no place for either Hegel or Aristotle. The abstract idealism of Hegel is less spurious for existentialists than the so-called “spectator” philosophy of Aristotle.[1]  The Aristotelian categories of substance, quantity, unity, and cause must give way to categories of action that read more like the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These categories include such bright and happy notions such as dread, crisis, anxiety…

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