The cultural imperialism of feminists and queers…


This is something I’ve noticed….

So-called liberal womyn will tell me, because I am a halfbreed, or as they put it, a”minority” that I must care about violence against womyn ™ …

Well, here’s the deal. When my feminist mom got mad-and it happened very, very often. I was her punching bag. In fact I had to get taken to the hospital on more than one occasion. I don’t remember it hurting that much, but I do remember the blood. So much fucking blood. Actually the stitches hurt worse than the punches and being thrown. And, somehow it wasn’t because mommy didn’t have self control. Sometime when I was around 12 she stopped hitting me and when I asked, she said it was because I was now bigger than her and she didn’t want to get hit back. Not one feminist gives a shit about that.

Do you really think…

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