Halfbreed politics…


haha, multiculturalism/liberalism doesn’t work. Humans are tribalistic/classist creatures.

I’m a halfbreed, I’ve been shit on by both sides of my family, and quite frankly, hope I don’t have to see any of them again….

The very rare few womyn who find me attractive often confused my lineage and upon realizing that I don’t have an accent or speak any of those languages I immediately go from being a Siberian Husky with some wolf’s blood to being a filthy, scavaging coyote who by luck of the draw and shiftlessness only manages to have an impressive fur coat. The smiles and glances go to frowns and downcast eyes upon learning what I really am…

hahaha, a misfortunate bastard crippled by my parents choices. Of course it’s not like they stayed together. Now, ironically, I’m the one told to pull myself up by the bootstraps and contribute to society. It’s funny how so-called…

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