White Nationalist Angelo John Gage Is Creating an “App” to “Permamently Spam” His Critics Off Twitter

kyle's notebook

Angelo John Gage, professional hypnotist? life-coach? and fellow resident of New Jersey, is the leader of the National Youth Front, whose parent organization is the white nationalist American Freedom Party, which in 2009, was founded by skinheads in California.

Angelo and I have a charming back and forth. When he chooses to unblock me on Twitter, his rebuttals of my criticisms reveal the depth of his intellect, with such thought-provoking and insightful comments like, “you’re stupid”, “you’re a moron”, “can you even read?”, “you’re too dumb to talk to”, or my personal favorite, “you’re a diversity-supremacist”. Diversity supremacist? Yeah, because the alternative, apartheid, is a really humanitarian situation…Lord, I am lucky to have qualified for the loans to further my education. Then again, once upon a time Brown graduated George Lincoln Rockwell. And more recently, Amherst College produced the aggressively conspiratorial, gazing-into-the-suns-damaging-rays, chem-trail fearing, Kyle Hunt

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