John Pilger’s War By Other Means.

Keep an eye on them.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

To understand what is happening in Greece and how they are being bullied into accepting the same role we have traditionally assigned to the “developing” countries you have to understand how these third world countries we so diligently tried to “help”arise from poverty were in fact paying more EVERY DAY in interest payments to the World banks and the IMF then the measly feel good actions we performed once or twice with the likes of red nose day or Bob Geldoff’s day of let’s help Africa feel good porn .

In fact to understand what is happening in New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Ireland this film will also be very enlightening.

So far the only country which has escaped the plight the big banks wanted to seduce them into, is Iceland which let their over-leveraged banks collapse  and put the bankers responsible in jail. Something you might think about as…

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