A Theory why Single Women are Frequently Targeted by Gang Stalkers

Gangstalking is real. Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

Citizens, not serfs

This theory ties in with a speculation that gang stalking is connected in some way with corrupt police.

It begins with a history lesson. Up until the 1950’s working women, not middle nor professional class, were often so low paid that a single woman on her own could not support herself on her wages. In the ’30’s, 40’s and up to the 50’s the result of this was that many “respectable” working class women occasionally moonlighted as prostitutes, simply in order to make ends meet.  In the ’50’s and ’60’s there were other revolutionary social changes. These included the wide availability of reliable contraception and the legalisation of abortion. Until these changes a woman becoming pregnant outside marriage was so stigmatised, that she often became a social outcast – no respectable employer would give her a job, and so many women  – perfectly nice women – were forced into prostitution.

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