The Cryptowars

The Broken Digital Age.

The battle between Washington and Silicon Valley over encryption

As a cybercriminologist, I walk the fine line between protecting people and corporations (I make the distinction, regardless of what SCOTUS says) from both criminal activity and unjust legislation or unwise technological uses and development and finding new ways to go after the criminal elements within the advancement of cyberspace to the Internet of Things.  This is not an easy line to walk, as we’ve discovered to our dismay since 9/11 (publicly, at least).

Well, in the above article, the US government is crossing that line in ways that matched my feelings when I watched the beach landings of our troops in Desert Storm.  I thought it was lunacy that the press, in all their patriotic glory, were there on the beach BEFORE the Marines (which is ironic, to my way of thinking) and set up to record and broadcast the…

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