Neo Masculinity is Stupid as Fuck and Unsustainable….

Neo Masculinity, or the stud/slut double standard is only sustainable if there is a subjugated population of which the men are NOT allowed to be studs, and the women are NOT allowed NOT to be sluts. This in turn is only sustainable if children of subjugating men are automatically part of the subjugating population. This creates a need for a constant expansion of territory. And THIS is finally unsustainable.

So Neo Masculinity is indeed Stupid as Fuck and Unsustainable…


Alright, an oversimplification, but in the neo-masculinity, you are supposed to fuck allot of womyn-thus ruining them and making them worthless for marriage. Then when you are bored, or is it too old, you move on and marry a good womyn who kept her legs closed while the womyn your penis ruined now hit the wall and even their cats don’t want to be with them.

Let’s do some fucking math here…

If you live in an area where over half of the men have been killed in war then maybe the following situation could occur. Let’s say there are at least two women for every man. Monogamous marriage is still the standard, things haven’t gone in the direction of polygamy. So a man takes one wife. He might have a mistress on the side or an unmarried woman may sell sex. The young guys might visit some of the…

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