It Would Be a Good Idea to Secure Your Wireless Router

David Menken's Fire and EMS Law Blog

LinksysBrian Krebs – of Krebs on Security – has a new posttoday noting that cyber-thieves are hacking into wireless routers to deliver the “Dyre” brand of password-stealing software, also called “Uaptre.”  Krebs cites a report from Symantec indicating that “Dyre is a highly developed piece of malware, capable of hijacking all three major web browsers and intercepting internet banking sessions in order to harvest the victim’s credentials and send them to the attackers.”   It is being served from compromised home routers, which is apparently how cyber-thieves compromised Microsoft Xbox and SONY Playstation networks.  Krebs noted in his post that “if you haven’t changed the default credentials on the device, it’s time to take care of that. If you don’t know whether you’ve changed the default administrative credentials for your wired or wireless router, you probably haven’t. Pop on over to and look up the make and model of…

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