VeraCrypt – A TrueCrypt replacement / follow-on

Musings from the Chiefio

Some time back, I’d been using TrueCrypt for many not-too-important file saving uses. (i.e. nothing that a TLA Three Letter Agency would care about and nothing that would cause legal issues- just junk I’d rather not be stumbled on by ‘randoms’ without my consent). Then TrueCrypt tossed in the towel with vague mumbles about not enough people paying enough money and there being some kind of security exposure.

IMHO, that exposure mostly extended to the “full disk encryption” with blockage from the OS seeing it without the key entered. With the advent of UEFI there was an attempt to prevent anything other than the approved licensed OS being “runable” on any given hardware.

Plausibly a valid security tightening as it prevents people like me from booting hardware with a Linux CD and looking at the disk. But decent real disk encryption would make that pointless anyway. Preventing the use of…

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