Somali Immigrant Serial Rapist Targeted Burqa-Clad Muslim Women in London

This is a new and very interesting development.

sharia unveiled

London Rapist Emmanuel Ndegwe 1

Emmanuel Ndegwe was arrested after being recognised on CCTV footage. Photo courtesy of: London Evening Standard 

by, David Churchill | London Evening Standard | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

A sex attacker targeted Muslims in hijabs because he “had a fetish” for women wearing the traditional Islamic clothing.

Scotland Yard launched a manhunt for Emmanuel Ndegwe, 25, after he followed Somali women and broke into their homes before attacking them.

In one attack he stalked a woman for a year and then knocked her to the ground and tried to rip off her clothes as she fought back in front of her  horrified children. He also kicked and punched her.

The Standard today reveals the shocking details of the case, which will be aired on BBC documentary The Met tonight.

Ndegwe was jailed for six years in March after Detective Inspector Tracey Miller hunted him down in a “personal…

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