This Is What Women Really Think Of Uncircumcised D*cks

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For a lot of American women, the idea of an uncircumcised penis is repulsive. (Sorry, guys!) It’s not that we’re against a penis that rocks a turtleneck, but it’s just something we’re not accustomed to. You can’t be mad at us if we recoil in fear and confusion during sex when face-to-face with an uncut member! It’s not our fault, we’re American!

In fact, a study from adult store Adam And Eve says 54 percent of women prefer circumcised penises — and 33 percent have no preference.

In most of the world circumcision, aside from religious purposes, is not a common practice.

But, for many American women and gay men, the uncircumcised penis wasn’t something we even knew existed until we did a semester abroad and happened to hook up with some hot foreigner. Then we’re all, “What is this? Why do you have all this…

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One thought on “This Is What Women Really Think Of Uncircumcised D*cks

  1. Fucking sluts. If they had kept their virginity till marriage, and only had experience with one man, they’d never have any basis of comparison, and wouldn’t care regardless of what their husband is.

    But most young women today are sluts, so they compare penis sizes, uncut vs. cut, etc., because they can.

    I want nothing to do with such women.

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