Just A Little Off The Top


So for centuries people in America have been circumsizing dicks and its interesting how it started, but you’re not reading this for a history lesson. Its crazy how many women have never seen an uncircumsized dick in America. Being in Europe I know how confused I was when I saw my first one and several of my friends were also extremely confused.

So what happens when an American meets said dick? Do you just put it in your mouth like the other star spangled banner penises or do you treat it different?

So here are some things to keep in mind

1) it looks like the penis is wearing a sweater. It’s just a little chilly at the top and it needs to stay warm so it doesn’t freeze to death. do not be alarmed when it gets hot it will gradually grow out of the sweater, kinda

2) it…

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3 thoughts on “Just A Little Off The Top

    1. But that works both ways. Circumcision was spread in the USA when almost all women married as virgins. So they didn’t have any opinion about how the male genitals ‘should’ look that could work against this. Do you think you could convince intactivists that they should campaign against premarital sex?

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