Transabled: Disability by Choice

“My fear is that others will see transabled people becoming disabled and collecting a disability check, and claim that they are transabled too, so they don’t have to work.”

A very real possibility, having historical precedents.

Just Like No One Else

With all of the news about Caitlyn Jenner, most people are at least aware of what it means to be transgender. So, what does it mean to be transabled? It means that the person feels that they should have some sort of disability.

I’m going to use transgender as a means of comparison because that is something that people have a better understanding of. I am not trying to say that the two are similar.

So, as you may have gathered, being transgender means that the person feels they should have been born as the opposite gender. For example, a person who is born with male reproductive parts, feels like they are a woman. It is the same for transabled people. For example, a person born with four fully functioning limbs, feels that they should only have three. It’s not always amputee situations though, other people report wanting to be…

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