Is this woman a lunatic or “transracial”?


lunatic 1

If you haven’t heard, Rachel Dolezal is the White woman in Blackface who attended Howard University, heads her local chapter of the NAACP, and teaches Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University.

Here she is lying about her race and parentage on camera (full interview here –  she claims she’s had 8 hate crimes against her):

Here are her actual parents:

What is most interesting about this case of blatant dishonesty and assumed personal instability is that it was immediately likened to transgender experience i.e. why is living as a different gender acceptable but living as a different race is not?

lunatic 3

Here’s my argument. Sex and gender are two different things; you can express a masculine gender despite a female set of chromosomes and vice versa. Race is a phenotype, a set of inherited physical traits, and how they express naturally not how you choose to style your hair or affect an…

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